Monday, November 10, 2008

my half life

When I recorded the video to Half Life (which can be viewed in in the previous post) my marriage was in the process of falling apart and I wasn't much in the mood for playing music, but I decided to try and forget it at least long enough to record the video of myself trying out that song with the vocoder.

That was the second last time I went to the rehearsal room and the following week, the last time, I didn't bother taking the video camera as I had a feeling I might not feel like doing much playing at all. As mentioned below, I worked out a live version of Dead To The World, but I ended the session early and have not been back since (sorry Richard, but I will be back again one day).

The Last Time

Despite the current lack of activity, I do have a number of songs ready to record and a number of songs to prepare for any future live performances.

I intend 2009 to be Strange Devotions busiest year for a very long time and I am hoping to play my first Strange Devotion gigs since 1982.

Until then, here are the lyrics to Half Life:

Like setting sun my self belief left
one day it fell away
into the bleakness of some strange dream
a strange dream from the day
I tried to keep myself from falling
but things got in the way
I felt normality was crawling
and sliding over me

No spotlight
in half light
brings half life to me
and half life is not the place to be

when you can't see a way out

Behind the wall of hidden feelings
a small flame can be seen
it leads me back to 1980
when I was seventeen
I went to see bands like Vice Versa
TG and Human League
I thought I knew where I was heading
but I just got lost at sea

No spotlight
in half light
brings half life to me
and half life is not the place to be

but spotlights
through dark light
brings dark life you see
and dark life is were I want to be

so that I can be.........

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