Monday, November 26, 2007

New Strange Devotion video on youtube

A new video has been made to go with the song Confusion.

It can be viewed on youtube here.

It was recorded using an old camcorder over a period of about 1 week on the way to and from work and also at a bonfire party.
A total of about 90 minutes of footage was shot and this was edited down on a MacBook Pro using iMovie.

I wrote an earlier blog post at the time I started recording this song back in 2006, which can be found here.

The lyrics are based on this poem

In 1982, when Strange Devotion was going the first time around, a friend gave me some of her poems saying I could make use of any that inspired me. I particularly liked one called Confusion and became determined to write and record a song to go with that poem. I kept revisitting it and trying to come up with some musical ideas that might go with the poem over the following years. By the early 1990s I had a rough song formed and I recorded the music to go with the lyrics at least a couple of times with different arrangements, but I never recorded it with vocals.

When I started Strange Devotion up again in 2006 I thought it would be great to make this one of the first songs to record. I worked on it for a while and ended up completely rewriting the chorus, but, apart from that, I still think I have managed to keep the lyrics fairly close to the poem I was given in 1982. So you could say this Strange Devotion song took 25 years to write. It would be great if the poem's author could one day hear the end results, but, unfotunately, I don't have any current contact details for her.

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